Second opinions

Consultations and specialist opinions from:

1. Medical practitioners (pt’s GP) regarding eg. current medications, prolonged therapy, hospitalisation episodes, recent changes in meds regime, chronic and unstable conditions, potential conditions under diagnosis, any advice about patient health if any concerns.

2. Specialists in oral or maxillo-facial surgery regarding eg. surgical or semi-surgical extractions of impacted/partially erupted and symptomatic third molars, salivary glands stones, unexplained trismus, spreading and antibiotic resililiant odontogenic inflammation, suspicious soft tissues lesions, suspect oral cancer, post-extraction complications (fractured and unretrievable root), cranial malformtaions, severe maxillo-facial trauma.

3. Specialist in oral medicine regarding eg. oral mucosa pathologies.

4. Consultants in oncology: patient receiving radiotherapy, the best timing for elected extractions, ‘window’ between chemotherapy cycles for invasive dental procedures.

5. Specialist in cardiology: patient with severe heart conditions, patient awaiting for heart surgery (valve replacement), unstable arrythmia, undiagnosed heart rhytm disturbances, severe and unstable angina, post-heart infarction period.

6. Consultant haematologist regarding re: haemophilia patients, new oral anticoagulants, combined anticoagulant therapy, unstable INR, rare haematological conditions, etc.

7. Orthopaedic specialist, orthogeriatrician re: patient with osteoporosis and on oral or IV bisphosphonates (alendronic acid)

7. Orthodontist regarding eg. multiple, balanced/compensating extractions of carious 6’s, severe overjet, severe malocclusion, overcrowding, reverse overjet, hypodontia, microdontia, severe overjet, severe class III, submerged teeth, impacted canines, lack of lateral incisors, etc.

8. Paediatric Dentistry specialist re: supernumerary teeth, fusion/gemination, hypodontia, hypoplasia cases, MIH, GA treatment planning, difficult oral rehabilitation cases, sedation cases

9. Restorative Dentistry specialist, regarding eg. complex rehabilitation of oral health, trauma cases, implant suprastructures, bruxism, TMJ problems, atypical facial pain, etc.

10. Periodontologist, regarding comprehansive/surgical treatment of advanced periodontitis

and perhaps equally important – the second opition from senior colleagues from place of work who have a vast experience in special dental care.